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Mentoring Program Background

Reach & Rise Mentoring Program is a highly successful and nationally recognized YMCA program.  The mentoring program was started at the YMCA of San Francisco. Reach & Rise trains adult volunteers to assume para-professional therapist roles to develop safe, healthy, and meaningful relationships with youth. The program targets youth ages 6–17 years, who live and go to school in communities that experience disproportionate rates of poverty, juvenile crime, truancy, single parent households, low educational attainment of parents, and limited interaction time between parents/caregivers and youth.

Reach & Rise Overview

•Trained adult mentors are matched with youth to help them succeed in life through one-to-one mentoring relationships and therapeutic activities.

•Services will help mentees to express emotions in positive ways and develop the skills they need to grow into productive adults.

•Increase youth connectedness to community/employment

•Improve youth connectedness to families/schools

•Increase opportunities for non-familial adults to develop healthy relationships with youth

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Mentor Requirements

•23 years old at time of match

•Complete Mentor Application

•Complete 15 hours of Training

•Pass a fingerprint security screening

•Have a clean DMV record

•Have a valid auto liability insurance (if driving mentee)

•Spend 1-3 hours a week with youth for one year (minimum)

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